The Belgian amusement park season is just around the corner. Tomorrow, on April 1 (no joke), the parks throw open their gates again for a season full of attraction and of course dining fun.
We couldn’t wait and are already taking a splash at Bellewaerde Aquapark which is organizing a Colorparty for the occasion. A party with DJ, colored lights throughout the pool and fluorescent bands in the Lazy River. Before we get into our swimsuits, we order almost the entire menu (or at least the main courses) at Aqua Bistro, the ideal start to the theme park season at ThemeParkEats.

Cozy dining before or after swimming

Anyone who has ever gone swimming at Bellewaerde Aquapark knows that there is a blissful Lazy River, Jungle Expedition, some cool and unique slides, whirlpools and even a sauna, but you can also come to the park to fill your belly.

In the pool itself you will find the Garden Café. Mainly fast food is served there. But do you want to have a nice dinner before or after swimming? Then you can at Aqua Bistro!

You order dishes at the cash register after which you can take a seat at one of the many round tables, under the canopy on bar stools or on the terrace. The latter is highly recommended, especially when the weather is nice.

Flemish classics

The Bistro’s menu features mostly Flemish classics with a wide selection of entrees, main courses, salads, desserts, drinks and even cocktails.

On the pictures you will find a sample of the menu. The dishes are seasonal (when Bellewaerde park is closed during the winter season there is a more limited menu).

With pretty much every main course you have a choice of fries, croquettes or pasta and you are served a salad with dressing.

With the Croque Bolognese you get the sauce and cheese served separately, with the steak you also get a sauce of your choice(bearnaise, pepper sauce or mushroom cream sauce) and you can choose the frying method and with the other dishes you have the choice of mayo or ketchup which are also served in a separate jar.

For those curious about the Charolais burger, it is served in a grain bun with tomato, mixed lettuce and red onion, a piece of bacon and Mango curry sauce.

As you can see from the pictures, the portions are plenty large and everything is brought fresh to the table. Even after a day at the regular park, it’s worth going down to Aqua Bistro to finish up.


Aqua Bistro is the ideal start or end to your afternoon or evening splash. There is a wide choice of dishes at quite democratic prices. You can go there for an aperitif with some nice snacks, beers and even cocktails, tasty pancakes and ice creams or a full meal.

The portions there, as already mentioned, are plenty large, beautifully presented and you are served with a smile. The food comes out of the kitchen at a good pace and everything was, during our many visits to the Bistro, always warm.

So you can safely leave your sandwich box at home when visiting Bellewaerde Aqua park and enjoy a nice snack and drink in a cozy atmosphere!