During the winter period, more and more parks keep their gates open. This is also the case in Belgium. Walibi Belgium and Bellewaerde Park have plans in this direction, Plopsaland has had a winter opening for years and recently Pairi Daiza also joins this list.
The entire park is lined with lights, light sculptures in the shape of animals and mechanical orchestras.
To warm up, we slip our legs under the table at Izba. A buffet restaurant in the Land of The Cold. The park’s newest land.

Winter scenes in Pairi Daiza

Before we start feasting, we treat you with some winter pictures from the park. The Chinese section is beautifully illuminated, in the African section there are giant light sculptures of animals and all over the park you will find mechanical concerts (large bubbles containing animal animatronics playing well-known winter and Christmas songs).

Furthermore, in the Land Of The Cold you are immersed extra in the Christmas atmosphere with garlands along the buildings, Christmas trees everywhere, a special Christmas store and a Christmas orchestra.

The beautiful restaurant Izba

At the edge of the large pond of Pairi Daiza you can find restaurant Izba. A grand building, built entirely of wood by craftsmen from all over the world, which immediately catches your attention once you are walking towards The Last Frontier and Land of The Cold.

Both the exterior and interior are beautifully finished. Worth a visit for the craftsmanship and details alone!

Prices and general offerings

The catering in Pairi Daiza is not cheap. However, the quality is quite high. For an all-you-can-eat meal at Izba you pay 38 euros as an adult and 20 euros as a child (4-11 years). Children under the age of 4 join the table for free. This is drinks(except specialty beers and wines) included.

They present the offer as world cuisine with many fish and meat dishes, extensive vegetable buffet, bread, potato preparations and desserts.

The beverage buffet

For the one-time price of 38 euros, drinks are included. These, like your food, you get yourself at the bar.

There is a wide choice of soft drinks (on tap), fruit juices, fruit water, sparkling and mineral water and lager and wine. When it is busy, two bars are provided on either side of the restaurant.

Cold buffet

In the center of the restaurant you will find the buffets. Two for hot dishes and 1 for cold preparations.

In that offer you can feast on different pasta salads, tomato-mozzarella, coleslaw, potato salad, tuna salad, meat salad and cold vegetables with accompanying sauces. Here you will also find the bread (choice of white, brown, whole wheat) and butter.

So a wide range of dishes neatly displayed and all fresh and delicious.

Hot dishes

The hot buffet features things from appetizers to meat preparations to vegetables and potato dishes. You will also find appetizers such as mini spring rolls and squid rings.

Potatoes-and pasta

Anyone who thought you could only find French fries or cooked-out spaghetti is wrong! From boiled potatoes in their skins to French fries to mashed carrots and even gratin or tartiflette. As pasta, you can take Farfalle and combine it with different sauces to your heart’s content.


If you don’t want to indulge only in meat and potato or pasta dishes, you’re sure to find your thing among hot vegetables. Ranging from roasted pumpkin to stewed chicory, carrots and even choucroute or a vegetable mixture.
If you are vegetarian or vegan be sure to ask the employees how everything is prepared!

Fish and meat dishes

As a meat lover, you can definitely indulge here! Just too much to try all in 1 meal.

The meat preparations are; Ribbetjes (sweet marinated), roast chicken leg, ham in mustard sauce, ham steak with onion, knackwurst, Boeuf Bourguignon and stew meat.

If you prefer fish or seafood, you can get scampi in garlic, salmon and squid rings.

During our visit, the entire restaurant was full and the buffets were really kept full. As soon as something was almost gone a new dish came from the kitchen, so everything was always fresh and sufficiently hot.


If you are still not satisfied after all that deliciousness, there is also an extensive dessert buffet. From cakes to profiteroles and eclairs, ice creams and macarons and a selection of fresh fruit.
The desserts can be found near the entrance at the very front of the restaurant.
We can definitely recommend the chocolate mousse and flan cake!

Our conclusion?

Not only does Izba Restaurant look good, but the food is delicious, extensive and beautifully presented (as far as a buffet can go). There is plenty of staff carefully replenishing the buffets and ready to provide you with answers to questions.

Big plus for the included beverage buffet and beautiful decor.

Tip: in the heart of summer, you can also opt to eat on the terrace here.