We look back on our visit to Le Pal on 27 May. Le Pal is a cosy, quite extensive, animal and amusement park in France. You will find a good mix of roller coasters, flatrides, water rides and nice decorations. We visited the park on a historical day. Employees informed us that this was the busiest day ever. This was especially noticeable at the restaurants, where there were long queues.

During a busy day in a theme park, it is always a matter of choosing which rides you want to do, which rides you want to wait for and whether you want to spend a lot of time on food. The food on offer at Le Pal was mainly fries, hamburgers, pizza and sandwiches and the queues were long at all of the food stands.

We finally decided to go to the table-service restaurant “La Coupole”. There, we could put our legs under the table and enjoy a full meal. After queuing for half an hour (for reference, for a piece of pizza you would have to queue for an hour), a large group of us were seated and we took a look at the menu.


The restaurant was supposed to be a traditional French brasserie. Except for the outside, there was little decoration, but it was cosy. Outside there is also a large terrace with a view over the lush greenery of Le Pal.


There was a choice of starters such as salad, pâté or melon with ham, main courses including chicken, meat, fish and vegetarian options with side dishes like ratatouille, rice or chips and desserts. There were also formulas where you could combine starter, main course and dessert.

We chose a combination of main course and dessert, but our table mates also chose three dishes or starter and main course. Nice service of the restaurant to allow different things considering the size of our group.

After ordering, the food arrived quickly. I myself went for the roast chicken with ratatouille. The chicken was nice and juicy and the portion of ratatouille more than sufficient.
Other dishes at the table were steak haché(mince burger patty), veggie burger and grill burger. If we had a tip for this restaurant, it would be to provide a portion of vegetables when ordering chips.

For dessert, I had warm apple pie with vanilla ice cream, but créme caramel and île flottante(beaten egg whites poached in a vanilla custard) were also available. All very tasty and certainly nice portions after the main course.


At “La Coupole” we eat a main course and dessert with a soft drink for around 20 euros. Very good price-quality, especially if you take into account that this is a table service restaurant. The staff was always very friendly and the service went very smoothly.

If you want the dishes separately, you pay 6 euro for a starter or dessert and 12.80 euro for a main course. Not that much more than a fries or hamburger menu in the same park! Easy choice right?!