Late last year, after some delay, Europa Park opened a new culinary experience with Eatrenalin. They themselves call it “a spectacular sensory journey into incredible worlds, combined with culinary delights of the highest level.” But is a visit to Eatrenalin worth it? We couldn’t contain our curiosity any longer and found out for you!

First of all, let us clarify that this will not be a detailed description of the experience, that article will follow. As the title implied, this is a spoiler-free text containing prices, how to book and our experience without giving away too many details. Because in our opinion, Eatrenalin is most enjoyable if you just let the experience surprise you.

What is Eatrenalin?

As already described in the intro, according to Europa Park, it is “a spectacular sensory journey into incredible worlds, combined with culinary delights of the highest level.” And after the experience, we can only agree! Let’s dissect their description….

A spectacular sensory journey

The five classic senses as we know them, namely seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling and feeling, are all stimulated through a variety of techniques. From the presentation of the food to the atmosphere of the rooms or use of media. Literally every detail is coordinated to make that sensory journey as spectacular and stunning as possible.

Culinary delights of the highest level

During your journey through Eatrenalin, you will fall from one taste sensation into another. From the lounge with surprising appetizers and delicious drinks, to small appetizers that are meticulously presented and main courses that match the worlds you find yourself in so well that you can’t help but to be blown away by the quality and finesse of it all.
Needless to say, we at Theme Park Eats are big fans of this experience.

Our description of the experience

For us, Eatrenalin holds the middle ground between a fine dining experience and a dinner show(though the word dinner show doesn’t do the experience justice). But not a dinner show where the show actually hinders you from enjoying the food or talking with your company. No! Here you are part of the experience and can enjoy the food, the smells, the spectacle and the pleasant setting in which you are immersed from start to finish, together.

Outstanding service!

Those who visit Eatrenalin can expect outstanding service throughout their dinner! You are hardly ever left with an empty glass, the plates are quickly set and cleared and because of the system with a fixed host you can always contact someone with any question.

The explanation at the beginning of your dinner is also very clear (also in English or French, although most of the experience is in German). Afterwards it’s just sit back, relax and enjoy!

Dinner made to measure

You’ve already read it, Eatrenalin is a fine dining experience. That means high-quality ingredients, perfect flavor combinations and special preparation methods including meringues, crisps and velvety sauces.
Afraid you won’t like anything there? Then be sure to take a look at Eatrenalin’s website first, where you can check out the menu. Still things you do not like? Then you have the choice between the Red or Green dimensions menu, respectively fish and meat or vegetarian, but you can also request further adjustments when booking, because it is so that you already choose your menu when booking so that you don’t have to order anymore during the whole experience.

If you don’t like a certain ingredient or have certain allergies, after choosing Red or Green dimensions, simply click away the item you don’t want. You will receive a suitable alternative to all dishes every time.

Furthermore, you can also vary a lot in terms of drinks. From non-alcoholic to alcoholic to custom wines or champagnes. There is something for everyone. And each beverage choice also pairs perfectly with each dish. Note that it is either non-alcoholic or alcoholic for the entire menu.

So after the explanation, be sure to sit in the right seat, because from your seat number, your host will know exactly what type of drink to pour, what sauce to drape over your preparation or what garnish does or does not go with your dish.

Different formulas and cost

Those who have been convinced to book an Eatrenalin experience on their next visit to Europa Park are best to be quick. Places are limited and especially for larger groups it is best to book well in advance.
If you want to discover the packages and get the latest information, please visit the official website.

Here are the formulas with the current prices:

Eatrenalin Dinner

Red or green dimensions menu “Eclusive
matching alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages

195 euro per person

Exclusive Eatrenalin Dinner

Red or green dimensions menu
Matching alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages
VIP service
Small surprise

295 euro per person

Eatrenaline Champagne Dinner

Red or Green dimensions menu “Excellent”
Top class champagnes from Laurent-Perrier
VIP service
Special surprises

445 euro per person

Eatrenalin Sommelier Dinner

Red or Green dimensions menu “Excellent”
Top class wine selection compiled by a sommelier
VIP service
Special surprises
For groups of 12 persons

645 euro per person

Those who wish can add some packages to the above formulas:

Wine bar package:

38 euros per person

Cocktail bar package:

50 euro per person

Champagne dinner package:

105 euros per person

So is Eatrenalin worth a visit?

By the description above you might have already figured out that we think Eatrenalin is an experience not to be missed. Where we thought beforehand that it would be worth at least a one-time visit, we could only conclude afterwards that on a future visit we would gladly join them for another night out.

What they have created here is a unique experience with delicious food, stunning media, sleek and modern look and an excellent team of employees!

Well worth the price as far as we are concerned!