If you are a fan of a tasty, freshly made ice cream, you will have the right place in Phantasialand. Just the decadent way the ice cream is presented in the counter leaves you mouth-watering!

Phantasialand really has a lot to offer for its small area, both in the area of attraction and catering.

As we passed one of the ice cream outlets, we couldn’t help but stop to treat ourselves to an ice cream. The ice cream is so richly decorated in the counters that it simply invites you to buy an ice cream.

Spaghetti ice cream

At “Las Rocas” you can choose from numerous flavours in a jar or cone or you go for a specialty. We chose the Spaghetti ice cream ourselves. This consists of vanilla ice cream (pressed into wisps), whipped cream, white chocolate and strawberry sauce served in a cone.

Let’s start with the good news, the ice cream is delicious! The vanilla tastes as it should and the ice cream is nice and soft. The strawberry sauce fits well and the white chocolate curls are also good for it. Except the whipped cream isn’t what we’re used to. In the whole park (we tried a waffle with whipped cream) the whipped cream is just whipped cream without sugar. In addition, the whipped cream is at the bottom of the cone and you can eat whipped cream at the end without too much flavour. Which I personally found less.


If you want to eat a delicious ice cream then you will definitely find your thing in Phantasialand! Be sure to try one of the many flavors like mango or go for the traditional flavors that certainly don’t disappoint.
If you want a coupe or ice specialty, I recommend ice cream parlour “Annie Himmelreich” on Kaiserplatz.