2020 seemed promising, it had everything to be a great year. Parks would be packed with new attractions, themed areas, hotels,… But then Corona came squeaking around the corner and seemed to stop everything.

Parks kept their gates closed, revenues were non-existent and it looked like many parks would put their projects on hold.

Phantasialand also remained closed for a while and their theme area, hotel and new top coaster would probably not open again this year. The summer season passed and still no sign of life in Rookburgh.

Just after the summer more and more activity was observed, the park even went in search of staff and it still seemed more and more that Rookburgh, Hotel Charles Lindbergh but especially F.L.Y would open this year.

At the end of September it was time, Phantasialand opened against all odds in yet another novelty. And what kind of one!
F.L.Y is a new generation flying coaster from Vekoma that gives away not only its graceful appearance but also rock-good rides. Rookburgh has become a gem. An immersive sub-area of Berlin where you are immersed in steampunk and industrial atmospheres of a back district of Berlin. From the area you only see things related to Rookburgh, smoke comes from the sewer pits, F.L.Y flies through everything gracefully and the smell of grilled meat or chocolate is never over. In short, an area where experience is central and they have succeeded damn well.

But enough about that area and the wonderful roller coaster in itself. In addition to all that rollercoaster violence, we at Themeparkeats love good food and good drinks, and then you’ll definitely get your money’s worth in Rookburgh. During a weekend at Hotel Charles Lindbergh we tested every catering point in the area for you…

Early Saturday morning, the alarm goes off, but we don’t reluctantly get out of bed. After all, we have booked a weekend phantasialand, two days and one night in which we will be fully immersed in the newest theme area of Phantasialand, Rookburgh!

On arrival, it immediately becomes clear why they are offering this as an exclusive experience. A doorman awaits you at the entrance of Hotel Charles Lindbergh, which with its rusting façade full of steam pipes immediately attracts attention, where you only enter with a reservation.

Once inside, you’ll enter an atmospheric corridor full of suitcases that will lead you to the cosy lobby.

During check-in, you’ll get a map with logbook, park plan, hotel plan, your boarding passes for Phantasialand and 1 quickpass per day for F.L.Y.

Our aeronauten cabin is not ready until 3.30pm so it’s time to move into the park. The advantage of the hotel’s Boarding Pass is that you can enter the park directly from the hotel. After scanning your ticket you are immediately in the heart of Rookburgh, a train from F.L.Y flies you right through the exhaust of a steam pump and everywhere you look you only see things that have to do with Rookburgh, already a successful first impression.

When we look to the right we see “Emilies Chocola und Candy Werkstatt”. A first catering point in this area where the name says everything, you can go there for all kinds of sweets and chocolate deeds that are made on site.

The scoop candy that is traditionally displayed in plastic containers with a metal scoop has been replaced here by tubes with sweets where you can turn a wheel armed with your bag by tube to pick out your favourite sweets.

The prices are also quite democratic for an amusement park, with 1.9 euros per 100 grams.

A second part of the shop is dedicated to chocolate. You can buy pre-packaged chocolate bars in three types; a F.LY logo, a Charles Lindbergh logo and a Rookburgh logo (each in white, milk or dark chocolate), a packet of chocolate pieces with all kinds of delicacies (gummy bears, nuts,…) or a chocolate pizza similar to the chocolate pieces. The smell of chocolate and the preparation right in front of you make it tempting to buy something.

With sweets and chocolate, however, you don’t have a meal behind your teeth. But don’t worry, Rookburgh can accommodate two more catering points. “Zum Kohleschipper” A take-away stall with freshly prepared hot cakes and “Uhrwerk” a restaurant with table service.

Fast forward to the evening, where we join Uhrwerk for a three-course dinner (included with our hotel package). From our aeronauten cabin we can enjoy a walk along a beautifully lit Rookburgh, we take the elevator down and arrive at Uhrwerk where they guide us to a table at the window.

The restaurant is industrially decorated, softly lit with quiet background music. In addition to the view of the roller coaster, we also have a view of the kitchen where the dishes go smoothly over the counter.

The service is smooth, is in English and always remains friendly.

The menus are in the form of a newspaper in which you can find the dishes in German. However, by means of a QR code you can consult the menu in French, English and even Dutch.

As already mentioned, a three-course menu is included in your hotel package, so you can choose a starter, main and dessert. Drinks, however, can be imposed.

As a starter we both choose something different, I go for dumplings, six pieces of dough snacks with three different fillings and two dipping sauces and my partner goes for the beef starter. Both dishes are served smoothly, nicely presented and both tasted delicious. A great start to this three-course menu.

For the main courses you have the choice of Rookburghers, Golden fries with two burgers or a pasta dish.

We both went for the Golden Fries with two burgers.

Served in a coal scoop, you’ll get freshly baked fries with tartar sauce, radish, pickle and carpaccio of roast beef. Between the burgers are thicker slices of roast beef, rosé baked, with an assortment of toppings and sauces.
The portion is definitely big enough, the fries are baked nice and crispy and the burgers with roast beef and self-add sauces are an original twist.

For dessert you have the choice between a few types of pastries and sundaes. We go for the bread pudding with baked apples and vanilla ice cream and a sundae.

The bread pudding was served lukewarm with hot baked apples a small scoop of vanilla ice cream and a bottle of vanilla sauce. A delicious ending to a richly three course menu.

We end the evening with a drink at Bar 1919. They serve 15 different beers from the barrel, cocktails and cocktail bowls for 2.

The décor is similar to that of the restaurant with two darts blocks, a pool table and a bar with numerous tap installations.

We go for a cocktail bowl and literally get a vase filled with ice cubes, cherry sweets, two large lollipops, a candy chain and a box of dry ice. At your table, the cocktail is poured into the glass, causing it to start smoking violently. A nice effect and gives an extra particle experience to your bar visit.
For such a cocktail you can count down a sloppy 20 euros but this one is certainly richly stocked and certainly not economical on alcohol.

With a satisfied feeling we go to our aeronauten cabin because the next day we had another park visit, a delicious breakfast and especially the last catering point in Rookburgh ahead.

When we wake up, we hear all kinds of steam sounds, flying sounds and a soft soundtrack playing outside.

We get out of bed and get ready for breakfast at Uhrwerk.

When coming downstairs, the atmosphere is similar to the evening. Everything is quiet, no too bright lighting and the smell of fresh eggs, fried sausages and toast will suit you.

On the ground floor there are buffets with different assortments in different places.

The kitchen is mainly home to savoury and warm dishes, alongside a few pistolets, breads, fruit juice and cold milk, and on the stairs you can find cereal and yoghurt.

Coffee and chocolate milk are served at the table.

The range is nice and extensive, there is a choice between sweet and savoury and everything looks fresh and easy. We already pushed a few times for a poached egg, cornflakes and lost bread. A solid start to the day.

So for the afternoon we had a Rookburgh speciality credit. At “Zum Kohleschipper” they serve freshly prepared, warm, sandwiches.

I chose the variant with chicken, my company went for the pork sandwich. The sandwiches cost between 7.5 and 9 euros and are prepared fresh for you.

Ingredients are a piece of grilled meat or fish, vegetables that may or may not be grilled, some sauces and salad. The sandwiches are certainly good for a small lunch and the combination with the vegetables and sauces make them delicious.

Only downside is the limited space to eat it. Around the catering point and further in the theme area there are some standing tables, and you have some sofas in the area. However, you cannot sit at the table in the vicinity of the catering point.

One thing is for sure, Phantasialand has set up a theme area here that can certainly go along with the big boys in the theme park world. A total experience with a top roller coaster, unique hotel but above all catering to lick thumbs and fingers at!