It is becoming a tradition, an autumn trip to Phantasialand. The park offers countless top attractions, surrounds you with top themes and owns many catering locations.
We take a closer look at the latter and put our findings in an end-of-year mood!


Parties include a good aperitif (or good drink). And you can find them in Phantasialand in many points of sale. We go for a Focaccia with Salami, accompanied by a portion of nachos with cheese and guacemole. These items are also available separately and on the nachos you can add toppings if you want.
Mind you, the nachos are slightly spicy and the salamifocaccia has a spicy sauce. If you want a less spicy version, be sure to look at the menu on which all ingredients are listed.

For a quick bite definitely recommended! Tip: If it rains or you want to sit a little warmer, go to the nearby Kaisersnack where you can warm up in the room while eating your snacks.

Furthermore, in Klugheim we could not resist the beautifully presented Flammkuchen. These are a kind of savory pies (on a light, crispy bottom) usually with sour cream and all kinds of toppings.
All this for reasonable prices.
You can find these delicious snacks in the catering point “Heisser Baldur” on the square near the entrance of Taron.


A feast involves different courses. After enjoying our aperitifs we join “Baobab Snack” in the area “Deep in Africa” in the afternoon. Here you can enjoy Jambalaya (a spicy rice dish with or without meat), fresh gyros or chicken snacks with fries.

We choose Jambalaya with chicken and a portion of “chicken crossies”. The latter are pieces of breaded chicken breast that are crispy fried. A delicious meal with a portion that is larger than it seems!

Be sure to look forward to the menu deals. There is always a drink and if you go for a menu with 10 Chicken Crossies or gyros with fries you can certainly share it with the two of you!

Only downside is the lack of covered seating nearby. An indoor dining room would make “Baobab Snack” a prime location in the park.

Main course

For “le plat de resistance” we went to 1 of our favorite restaurants at the resort, Zambesi! This all-you-can-eat buffet at hotel Matamba offers a selection of African specialties, a wide choice of salad options, soups, grilled meat dishes, stews, a children’s buffet and classic (and less classic) desserts. All this in a cozy dressed, African setting.

In addition to the delicious range of food, there is also a large drinks menu. On it you will find various wines, beers, soft drinks and cocktails. These are not included in the buffet price of 31 euros.

We combine to our heart’s content, drink the house aperitif (based on prosseco and melon) and can certainly recommend the banana salad, Tajine with chicken, pot of lamb, grilled crocodile, zebra and the steak. For the sweet tooth, we recommend keeping a place free for the delicious crème brûlée!


During “Wintertraum” in Phantasialand it is dark early and the park is magically illuminated. Nothing more fun than strolling along the many Christmas stalls, ice rink and beautiful decorations with a hot drink in hand. In winter you can choose between Gluwein, Eipunsch, hot chocolate and coffee (with or without a splash of alcohol). We enjoy a blissful winter evening with a cup of Eipunsch. A liqueur based on egg with herbs, finished with a cloud of whipped cream.

Until last year they gave these delicacies in a themed glass of the park but we did not find them this time. If you bring the glass back to the stalls, you will receive the deposit of 2.5 euros (possibly in different points of sale in the park).

New Year’s wishes

With a satisfied feeling we end 2021 and wish everyone a healthy and spectacular 2022 with friends, family and especially a lot of good food!
Happy New Year!!!!