Halloween is back in the country! That means the theme parks are once again decorated with a multitude of pumpkins, corn necks and eerie decors. Haunted houses and creeps that wander through the park should not be missed.
In recent years, however, parks have also introduced Halloween into their catering offer, and that is no different at Bellewaerde. You can enjoy a Halloween Buffet at Texas Grill (formerly Buffalo) for years, but since 2019 they went for a new concept in the Carrousel Self-service restaurant where they want to offer an all-round experience dinner.
Of course we at Themeparkeats couldn’t wait to give this a try.

Prices and other info

Let us first discuss the formalities. For the buffet, which is served at volonté, you put down 22.95 euros for an adult and 12.95 euros for a child. Drinks must be purchased separately. You can go there from 18:30 to 20:30.
Due to the limited places, it is advisable to book in advance. You can book online or directly in the park.

The experience

Once the payment is over, the feasting can begin! You enter an atmospherically lit room, a separate enclosed area from the rest of Carousel Self-service, with black cloths all around, chandeliers on the ceiling and eerily decorated tables. The atmosphere is immediately set!

At the table you can enjoy an aperitif or choose to immediately join the buffet that is located in the next room. Drinking from glasses in the shape of skulls and food can be scooped up on black plates.

Also in the buffet room the lighting has been neatly adjusted to create a scary atmosphere and the buffet itself is decorated to perfection. As a starter you can eat cold salads from skulls or get a nice piece of meat freshly cut from the bone.

The main courses consist of different types of meat such as ribs, chicken breast or prepared dishes such as vol-au-vent that you can scoop straight out of the stomach of a corpse. There are also potato dishes, various hot and cold sauces as well as vegetables.

For dessert, consisting of various pastries, chocolate mousse and pudding, you then sit in a crypt.

The buffet is replenished on time and stood by undead waitresses and the meat neatly cut by bloodied butchers with appropriate tools.

Our verdict

When visiting Halloween in Bellewaerde park, this buffet should not be missed for us! Because of the intimate setting you are completely absorbed in the Halloween atmosphere and the food is presented very original.

Moreover, the range is sufficiently extensive with something for everyone and the staff is very friendly and fully included in the atmosphere.
In our opinion, highly recommended!

Do you want to join this creepy “nice” buffet yourself? Then this is still possible on Saturday 23 and 30 October, Sunday 31 October and Monday 1 November. Each time from 18:30 to 20:30. The Halloween Buffet can be found at the back of the Carousel Self-service restaurant located in the Kidspark near entrance A of the park.