Last Saturday the first edition of Toverland Live took place. With different stages throughout the park and attractions that stayed open until the late hours.
We went there to enjoy the atmosphere but also to taste delicious cocktails and delicious snacks. Throughout the evening, however, we had to conclude that the supply was rather limited and that the catering industry had long lines throughout the evening.

Divided throughout the park were three stages. The Mainstage in Port Laguna, the Phoenix bar in the Wing coaster Felix station and the rewind stage in the magical valley. Ithaka had a lounge arena with bar.
At all the stages you had a tent that had a bar with soft drinks, beer and premixed cocktails. Nothing to write home about and some premixed cocktails were sold out early in the evening.
Payment was done with blue coins. Soft drinks cost 1 coin, premixed cocktails 2 coins and at the cocktail bar at Solaris you had to pay three coins for a cocktail and two for a mocktail.

Lounge area at Troy

We started the evening at the lounge area at the exit of jersey. Scattered around the plaza were beach chairs and lounge music was playing.
The bar that was there for the occasion was a standard bar as described above. We took a Bacardi razz & Up.
Furthermore, the spiral booth that stands there during normal park opening was also open.


MainStage Port Laguna

In Port Laguna you have the main stage with two bars in tents, the snack bar near the entrance and Solaris was transformed into a cocktail bar for the occasion.
We tried some cocktails and mocktails there. These were made to order and were all very tasty.
We chose as our mocktail the Shady&Stormy, a mocktail based on ginger beer. As cocktails, we went for a Cactus Mule (cactus gin, sugar syrup and ginger ale) and a classic Whiskey sour. The cocktails were provided with a good splash of alcohol and were very tasty.

Fenix Bar

In the Wing coaster Fenix station, the entire left side of the station was occupied by a bar. Above the track was a DJ. Consequence for the track was that no one could board on the left side.

The bar itself had an oppressive feel and entry and exit were through an emergency door. In itself a nice concept and pretty cool execution, but next time something needs to be done about the guest flow.

Rewind stage

In the magical valley you found the Rewind stage with songs from the early 2000s to 2010.
Katara Plaza served as a hospitality point (one of the few points where you could eat something) and the Katara Fountain of Magic played to the tones of the music.
There were also additional flamethrowers and laser lights.




All in all, Toverland managed to put on a nice event with enough variety in music styles spread throughout the entire outdoor area of the park and a top atmosphere. Between the squares you also had entertainment with bubble blowers, stilt walkers and a mini light parade.

In terms of catering, however, we were left hungry! The bars did not have much stock, snacks and food were only available at 2 points in the park and there was only 1 cocktail bar (resulting in long lines).
For a next edition, I would place a bar at each square or stage, a cocktail bar and a snack point with snacks adapted to the event.

All together, a must! On to the next, even better, edition!!!!