It is wet, cold and the parks remain closed, at least for the time being. It’s time to look back on better times. And what better way to do that than with one of our favorite theme park snacks, warm waffles!

You know it, you have already had lunch behind you and it takes far too long before you can start dinner and yet you feel like a small bite. In an amusement park we quickly reach for a warm waffle. Sometimes they are heavenly tasty, other times it is better to bring a pre-packaged waffle and eat it. Below we share our favorite theme park waffles!

Walibi Belgium

We start in our own country. In Walibi Belgium they sell warm waffles all over the park. You can eat one on the banks of the pond in Karma World or Fun World, while watching Buzzsaw’s maneuvers in the cowboy village or in tropical atmospheres in Exotic World.

We usually choose to buy a waffle in the Ice Saloon opposite Buzzsaw and then eat it, together with a milkshake, on the terrace overlooking Pulsar. You sit there surprisingly quietly, occasionally a Pulsar boat whizzes by and you also have a view of Gold River Adventure and Flash Back.
And is it slightly colder? Then we just walk into the adjacent self-service restaurant.

Europa Park

The largest amusement park in Germany is known for delicious, and not too expensive, food. Europa Park also scores well in terms of snacks. In the Italian themed area, in addition to delicious pasta and pizza, you can also score a lot of sweets. Churros fill the air with a delicious aroma, cotton candy goes smoothly over the counter and there is a sweet shop.

But at the entrance of the themed area (coming from the entrance) there is a waffle sales point. You can get Brussels waffles with all kinds of toppings. Ranging from whipped cream to fruit or chocolate to even egg delicious.

We take the bowl with us to the Italian square that is overflowing with atmosphere. Especially when the weather is nice.


We already visited a lot of parks, ate a lot of waffles, but our favorite amusement park waffle can be found in the Efteling.

On the cozy Anton Pieckplein you can not only find carousels. On a culinary level, you will certainly get your money’s worth. You can soak up the Dutch culture at ‘t poffertje, a soft ice cream or delicious coffee at Den Hoorn des Overvloeds, you can get a hot meal at the Witte Paard, Fries (or fries) with a good snack you eat at the Smulpaap but we mainly go to the Anton Pieckplein for Den Suykerbuyck.

In Den Suykerbuyk you eat a delicious ice cream sundae or cone, you can get different coffee specialties but they mainly make delicious, fresh waffles.
The waffles are halfway between an airy Brussels waffle and a sweet Liège waffle. They have a nice vanilla taste and you can spice them up with whipped cream, chocolate sauce, a scoop of ice cream and other toppings.
All this in a cozy ice cream parlor on the edge of the Anton Pieckplein. In the winter we prefer a place inside, overlooking the different carousels, in the summer the terrace with the beauty of flowers and that same view is definitely recommended!

So if you like warm waffles, then definitely choose Den Suykerbuyk in Efteling. The waffles are always made fresh for you and the setting in which you can eat these delicacies perfectly reflects the Efteling atmosphere!